Topiary plants to rent

Add style to your home or event with these beautifully sculptured plants
NB: Photos are not to scale. Sizes noted are approximate - please confirm on enquiry

Gardenia topiary
1.5 - 1.7mH

Ficus emerald topiary -   large 1.7mH

Ficus emerald topiary - medium 1.5mH

Murraya topiary





Box spiral
square - 1.5mH

Box spiral
tall wedge 1.8mH

Box Spiral
round - 1.5mH


Box "pointy" cone - wedge 1.6-1.8mH

Box "pointy" cone
square 1.5mH

Box "pointy" cone
round 1.5mH





Box "rocket" cone tall - 1.5mH

Box "rocket" cone
short - 1.3m

Box "rocket" cone
short - 1-1.2mH




Box ball - medium
no stem. 65cmH

Box ball - tall wedge

Box ball - medium
with stem. 72-77cmH

Box topiary - small

Box topiary - medium

Box square


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