Palms & Tropicals Gallery

Golden Cane & Banana leaf palm screen

Golden Cane hedges

Large Ginger plants with Xanadu shrubs

Dwarf Date palm with tropical cluster

Raphis palms - 3-4 stems

Kentia palms - Medium

Mixed palms help fill the SOH Concert Hall

Mixed palms help fill the SOH Concert Hall

Raphis palms - 3-4 stem

Tropical cluster - 1

Sellum - Medium

Tropical cluster - 2

Dwarf Date palm - medium

Dwarf dates palms

Dwarf date palms - medium

Golden Cane palm

Golden Cane palms, Cordyline & Yuccas

Palms & cordylines

Yuccas & agaves

Raphis palms - bushy

Tropical cluster with Kentia Palm - Large

Kentia palm - Large

Kentia palms - Medium

Monstera plant - Large

Elephant Ears - Medium

Kentia Palm - Small

Banana leaf palm - Small

Banana Leaf palm wedge

Banana leaf palm - Medium

Dwarf Date palm - Medium
with Green Philodendron

Dwarf date palm - tall

Dwarf date palm - Tall

Dwarf Date palm - Medium,
with Gardenias & annual colour

Dwarf Date Palm - Large,
clustered with tropicals

Dwarf Date palm - Medium,
with Monstera plant

Golden Cane palms

Umbrella tree

Raphis palm - bushy