Event Plant Rental Guide

Not sure which plants will help create your the look you are after?

Take a look at our guide below with our suggestions, making it easier for you!

Plant Type Approx. Ht mm Pot
Agave Wedge 900 Black gloss wedge Succulent leaves in rosette formation. Contemporary plant for modern settings.
Agave Square 650 T/C, Black - 45cm square As above, but in shorter square pot.
Annual Colour Bell
(Flower type seasonal)
600 T/C, Black - 60cm dia Pretty colour, great for brightening up a corner, entrance or stairs
Annual Colour Hedge
(Flower type seasonal)
400 T/C, black - trough Line up along an entrance or walkway for splashes of colour.
Box Cones & Spirals 900-1500 T/C, black - 45cm square Suit formal occasion. Combine with Box hedges or other shaped topiaries, for classic European style!
Box Hedge (sml) 550 T/C, black - 74cm trough Tightly trimmed formal hedge - great to line the red carpet, or create an area boundary.
Box Hedge (lge) 800 T/C, black - 91cm trough Tightly trimmed formal hedge. Combine with Box topiary balls or cones.
Cacti 1500-2000 T/C - 40cm round Suits Mexican/desert themes. Range of shapes available.
Citrus 1500-1700 T/C, black - 45cm square Oranges, lemons & grapefruit in winter. Fragrant blossom early Spring. Fruit can be attached in the off season. Mediterranean/Garden theme
Cumquat 1700 T/C - 45cm square Fruits twice a year.
Combine with Lavender for Italian/garden theme.
Conifer Hedge 1800 T/C, black - 91cm trough Semi-formal tall hedges, perfect for screening unwanted views or to create outdoor rooms.
Dwarf Date Palm (med) 2500 T/C - 55cm square Perfect for Moroccan, African or desert themes.
Flat, wheel in access only. TC col pot only
Dwarf Date Palm (tall) 4000 T/C - 55cm square The tallest palm we have will create instant impact, but make sure you have room!
Flat, wheel in access only
Extra delivery charge applies
Emerald Ficus Topiary 1500-1700 T/C, black - 45cm square Glossy, bushy foliage, with a ball-shaped head. A great all rounder.
Emerald Ficus Hedge 1200-1500 T/C, black - 91cm trough No flowers, but lush green foliage. Good boundary hedge.
Gardenia Shrub 900 T/C, black - 50cm round Stunning glossy foliage all year round. Exquisite, scented flowers Nov - Feb
Gardenia Topiary 1600 T/C, black, white* - 45cm square Stunning glossy foliage all year round. Exquisite flowers Nov - Feb. Perfect for weddings. * extra charge
Golden Cane Palm (med) 1500 T/C, black - 40cm round Combine with taller Kentia palms for tropical effect.
Golden Cane Palm (lge) 2000 T/C, black - 45cm round/square Instant tropical theme! Light green, yellow fronds.
Golden Cane Hedge 1700-2000 T/C, black - 91cmL troughs Great for creating a tropical screen indoors or out.
Kentia Palm (med) 2000 T/C, black - 45cm round/square Graceful arching dark green fronds add tropical elegance.
Kentia Palm (lge) 2500-3000 T/C, black - 45cm square Multiple plants create a lush instant jungle!
Lavender Shrub 700 T/C - 50cm round Silver/grey foliage with purple, fragrant flowers Spring - Summer. Very Mediterranean!
Murraya Hedge 900 T/C, black - 91cm trough Small green leafed hedge. Perfumed flowers Spring - Autumn. Good boundary hedge.
Murraya Topiary 1500-1700 T/C, black - 45cm square Small green leaves. Sweet smelling flowers Spring - Autumn. Suit formal theme.
Natives various T/C, black - round or square Australiana theme. Best when a few or lots of plants are grouped together. Can be supplied with bush rock and moss to form stunning display. Seasonal flowering - enquire further.
Raphis Palm (bushy) 1700-2200 T/C, black - 40cm round Tropical, dense, bushy foliage. Good to combine with taller Kentia palms.
Raphis Palm (3-4 stem) 2000 T/C, black - 40cm round Slender stems with tropical, hand-like foliage.
Raphis Palm (sml) 1500 T/C, black - 40cm round, troughs Combine with taller palms. Can also be supplied as a hedge.
Spartan conifer Hedge 1500 T/C, black - 91cm trough Neat, formal dividing screen.
Spartan conifer Upright 2000 T/C, black - 45cm square Roman style conifers, add height to venue spaces.
Place alongside marquees uprights, walkways or entrances.
Strelitzia Nicholli
(Banana-leaf palm)
1500-3000 T/C - 55cm square Large paddle shaped leaves. Jungle fever!
Wheel in access only.
Extra delivery may apply depending on height.
Yucca (single) 1200 T/C, black - 45cm square
(more stable than wedge pot)
Bold, sword-like leaves. Striking modern appeal.
Yucca (bushy) 1500 Black, gloss wedge Create instant impact with these stunning architectural plants.

*Plant sizes, pot colours and stock listings are guides only - subject to change.

  • We have other plants and variations of those noted in stock, so please give us a call to discuss the particular needs of your event, so we can advise best options.
  • Annual colour - please ask us when enquiring, what will be flowering at the time of your event.
  • Dwarf date palms can only be supplied in Terracotta colour pots due to size.

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