Weddings & Topiary Gallery

Stylishly trimmed shapes such as cones, spirals & "lollypops" add glamour to any wedding or special event! Elegant palms offer a more relaxed tropical "Aloha" effect!

Box Spiral & Cones, plus stunning Gardenia topiaries

Emerald Ficus topiaries with Conifer hedges behind

Gardenia shrubs with small Box Ball on tables

Box hedges & cones with Emerald Ficus topiaires & shrubs

Box cones with Petunia hedges & Gardenia topiaries

Box hedges

Spartan uprights with fairy lights

Spartan Uprights

Golden Cane palms

Golden Cane palms

Box topiary corner grouping

Box topiaries & hedges

Emerald topiaries & Box hedges

Box Spiral pair

Box cones - short pair

Box Spiral & Cones, plus stunning Gardenia topiaries

Box hedges & Spiral topiaries

Box Cones with colourful Petunia hedges

Box Cone with mixed Begonia Bell

Hydrangea & Red Begonia tubs

Spartan Uprights

Box topiary cones & hedges

Emerald Ficus topiary

Box ball medium - white wedge

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