Citrus, Olives & Ornamental Pears

These beautiful trees are perfect for creating Mediterranean, edible garden or orchard themes.

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Citrus - Orange tree (with fruit)
1.5 - 1.8mH

Citrus - Lemon tree (ex fruit)
1.5 - 2mH


Ornamental Pear

NB: Images are not to scale.

  • Citrus range includes lemons and oranges. These fruit in early - mid winter, and pretty, fragrant blossoms appears late winter. Fake oranges can be attached if out of season. Approx. tree height: 1.5-1.7mH
  • Ornamental Pears have no fruit. They lose their foliage in Autumn, reappearing early September.
    Approx. height: 2.5-3mH
  • Cumquats have a mid-green coloured, dense foliage. They produce lots of small, orange-coloured fruit in early winter, and pretty, fragrant blossoms late winter. Approx sizes 1.6 - 2mH
  • Olives are evergreen trees. Silver foliage evokes a Mediteranean theme. Approx heights: 1.5 - 3mH

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